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  • n. A member of an urban criminal or street gang.
  • adj. exhibiting the traits or demeanor associated with the high risk lifestyle of urban street-thugs or hustlers.

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  • n. (Black English) a member of a youth gang


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From gangster


  • His nickname, "Inuksta," tattooed across his back is his own Inuit play on the word "gangsta."

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • To clarify that statement-what I was saying at the interview-the term gangsta rap was so over-sloganized during that time ... and that in so many ways, everyday people, as well as the government, could have done so much more to really obliterate and eradicate things that were going on in the community at that time that forced the artists to talk about and discuss so strongly what they saw, what they lived with every day.

    E! Online (US) - Top Stories

  • Come to think of it, a "gangsta" is an odd and disturbing thing for a high school teacher to admire anyway.

    Tallulah Morehead: Survivor 21: Infants vs Senior Citizens : Neither Tea Nor Sympathy.

  • His nasal, half-comic vocal style, which became known as gangsta duck, was widely imitated during the early years of rap.

    NYT > Home Page

  • What else can anyone call gangsta rap, when the industry refuses to allow non-controversial (ie. entertainers that are not ex-convicts, and are not being arrested for violence, drugs and so on) positive (ie. individuals that are educated, finished high school, and / or religious maybe even politically aware) influences in the music?

    Black Entertainment USA - Celebrity / Entertainment News - African American view

  • As such, so-called "gangsta rap "-- in spite of its problematic narratives with regards to gender, sexuality, and violence -- was likely the most organic documentation of police brutality in Black communities.

    Mark Anthony Neal: "Who Got the Camera?": Hip-Hop's Quest for Social Justice

  • But for rap music -- particularly for the school known as gangsta rap, which has found a pot of gold in selling images of black-on-black crime to mainstream America -- the confluence of the arrests raises disturbing questions: what is the relationship between the violence on the records and the violence in the communities, between capital rhymes and capital crimes?

    Criminal Records

  • Don't give Kim a pass because she's a female rapper, while every other Tom, Dick, Rush to Judgement Limbaugh, and Hannity shock jocks continue their "warlock" hunt on rap music and so-called gangsta rappers in particular.

    Hip Hop's Hatred of Black Women

  • But in the '90s, when the massive success of records like Dr. Dre's "The Chronic," it moved West for an extended adolescence known as gangsta rap.

    'Be,' a Remarkable CD from Common

  • It could also be that white people don't tend to make music that alerts the world to their propensity for handguns and crack, as many so-called gangsta rappers do.

    White Pathology


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