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  • "gearscore" [curse. com], which is the current fetish on every WoW Looking-For-Group chat channel.

    Medlogs - Recent stories

  • Will the dungeon finder let you queue for this instance when you have that gearscore?

    WoW Vault - The Ultimate Resource

  • Is your gearscore high enough for this instance or that?

    WoW Vault - The Ultimate Resource

  • I'm a casual tankadin and I got all Emblem of Triumph gear but I want to raid and my gearscore is about 4700.

  • Now I'm as aware as the next player that gearscore is only an indication of potential contribution, and my main spec is pretty well geared, but I've seen some ridiculous shit pulled in pugs over the last few weeks.

    TyphoonAndrew's - Eye of the Storm


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