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  • noun organic chemistry Any salt or ester of gluconic acid


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  • Zinc sulfate “is a mineral salt that reacts with water to produce a strong acid (sulfuric acid) and zinc oxide,” while “zinc gluconate is a weak organic salt that dissolves to form positively charged zinc ions and negatively charged gluconate – a naturally occurring, non-toxic compound found in all human tissue.”

    Boing Boing 2006

  • Iron is available as ferrous sulfate (20percent elemental iron), ferrous fumarate (33percent elemental iron) and ferrous gluconate (12 percentelemental iron) salts, as prenatal vitamins and in multivitamin preparations.

    Iron Poisoning 2010

  • Calcium gluconate gel was applied to the exposed areas followed by infiltration of 19 vials of calcium gluconate 10 percent at 0.5 ml./cm2 with 95 percent pain relief.

    Hydrofluoric Acid 2010

  • However, others have found the quaternary ammonium compounds to be effective and practical for the treatment of hydrofluoric acid burns in the industrial setting. 22, 23 The Poison Control Center's current recommendation is to apply 2.5 percent calcium gluconate gel topically to all burned areas until the patient is symptom free.

    Hydrofluoric Acid 2010

  • An infusion of calcium gluconate was started at 10 mEq./hour and the patient received a total of 80 mEq. of calcium gluconate IV.

    Hydrofluoric Acid 2010

  • Intradermal calcium injections are required for burns that do not respond to topical therapy, for extensive burns or when treatment delay has occurred. 23,16 A 27 to 30 gauge needle is used to inject a 10 percent calcium gluconate solution into the burn. 22 No greater than 0.5 ml. of solution should be injected per cm2, in order to avoid pressure necrosis. 24 Injections should be extended 0.5 cm. beyond the affected area.

    Hydrofluoric Acid 2010

  • The product, which doesn't have the VOHC seal, contains chlorhexidine gluconate, an antibacterial found in some human mouthwashes.

    A Bite as Healthy as Their Bark Laura Johannes 2012

  • Magnesium oxide paste has been suggested as an alternative to calcium gluconate gel. 15 Bracken et al. compared the use of 0.13 percent benzalkonium chloride solution, 2.5 percent calcium gluconate gel and 30 percent magnesium sulfate/6 percent magnesium oxide paste to a control (water) for treating dermal burns induced by 70 percent hydrofluoric acid. 26 In this study, calcium gluconate gel was the only agent effective in limiting the extent of the burn.

    Hydrofluoric Acid 2010

  • Pilot trial to compare tolerance of chlorhexidine gluconate to povidone-iodine antisepsis for central venous catheter placement in neonates.

    Recent Neonatal Research Publications 2010

  • Five days post-exposure the patient was ambulatory and still receiving applications of calcium gluconate gel with dressing changes and Tylenol as needed for pain.

    Hydrofluoric Acid 2010


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