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  • What I call gnosticism rests on the view, unknown to the Old Testament and cogently argued against by Aristotle, that man is a spirit with a body, whereas in my view ” that it is my view is of course absolutely unimportant ” man is a body with distinctive capacities.

    Sex in the Head

  • This intellectualism, sometimes called gnosticism, claims that knowledge is the source of life, and that the possession of knowledge delivers us from the power of evil.

    Herein is Love A Study of the Biblical Doctrine of Love in Its Bearing on Personality, Parenthood, Teaching, and All Other Human Relationships.

  • The gnosticism is the belief that we can discount the chronology and still cling to the message of the text, as if the chronology isn't part of that message.

    Kata Iwannhn

  • (against Judaizing tendencies), Colossians (against an apparently gentile heresy which had adopted rituals and philosophies from many sources), I John (against a budding philosophical heresy later known as gnosticism) and even Hebrews.

    Our Man In Heaven: An Exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews

  • Then there is the other side, which is reactionary, hates technical innovation, wants to reserve liturgical forms to a tiny elite, fears freedom, detests the idea of human choice, and advances a kind of gnosticism over doctrine and liturgy - always wants it to remain the private preserve of the elect who appoint each other and operate as a kind of liturgical guild.

    Guido the Innovator

  • Indeed, there are more than a few indications that some of the very same threads that coalesced into "gnosticism" proper existed during the apostolic age.


  • At the same time, Greek thought had combined with religious feelings from a little further east and produced something then known as gnosticism ... "

    The Guardian World News

  • -- in potential anyway -- is the being that brings being itself to its cosmic conclusion, which is none other than gnosis, properly understood (not "gnosticism," it should go without saying).

    One Cosmos

  • "gnosticism" in a simplistic way and equate non-canonical texts with this definition.

    Shuck and Jive

  • This crypto-Manicheanism leads to all sorts of philosophical error, like "The Cult of the Cerebral," a modern form of gnosticism that exalts the Mind and over the body, the notion that we will one day "upload" our souls (minds) into computers; or the notion that there isn't a ghost in the machine at all, just a machine and everything can be reduced to mechanics.

    February 12th, 2009


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