from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. a kind of lace, made of gold thread.
  • n. lace having warp threads of silk, or silk and cotton, and a weft of silk threads covered with gold (or silver), or with gilt.


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  • Save for the gold lace and the twenty-four-pounder bow chasers Hornblower was looking at exactly the same sort of vessel as the ancients used to fight their battles.

    Mr. Midshipman Easy

  • He could always recall the flash and glitter of the gold lace on the coats of the semicircle of officers sitting round the table in the great cabin of the Victory, and the expression on Bush's anxious, honest face as he declared that no captain could have handled a ship with more skill and determination than Hornblower had handled Sutherland at Rosas Bay.

    Flying Colours

  • There were copious amounts of scarlet regimentals and gold lace about her, their owners dancing attendance on her, taking her shawl, fetching her a glass of wine or champagne, taking her hand, kissing it, being tapped on the arm with her white fan.

    Beyond the Sunrise

  • Such an action would have to be rewarded, and Simmerson imagined himself in the lavish gold lace and cocked hat of a General.

    Sharpe's Eagle

  • He was resting, his arms crossed on the muzzle of his musket, when a dashing-looking cavalry man, wearing considerable gold lace and feathers, rode up.

    How a one-legged rebel lives : reminiscences of the Civil War,

  •    As everyone turned to look, a three-foot elf wearing a gold lace collar and a crisp white shirt under a green velvet coat with gold buttons, white silk hose, and green shoes with chunky gold heels stepped into view in the doorway of the castle.

    calling on dragons


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