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  • A farewell said in the evening or before going to sleep.

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  • n. a conventional expression of farewell


Probably a shortening of "May you have a good night." (Wiktionary)


  • After that we sat down and talked; I took leave of all my friends, and so to my Inn, where after I had wrote a note and enclosed the certificate to Mr. Widdrington, I bade good night to my father, and John went to bed, but I staid up a little while, playing the fool with the lass of the house at the door of the chamber, and so to bed.

    The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Feb 1659/'60

  • After another good night of sleep in the dark Dolceacqua apartment, we enjoyed the traditional breakfast in the Bar California.

    The Italian Summer

  • Watermen mooring their wherries downstream called good night to each other under a star-studded sky.


  • AFTER LISA SAID good night to her parents, and her father shut her bedroom door, she sat in her bed like she usually did and looked over at the yellow house on the other side of Cannon Avenue, at the gray curtains on the second floor.

    Bubble in the Bathtub

  • Only when she'd heard him cross the hallway, heard his door open and close, only then would the metal fist gripping her belly let go-Then one night he crushed his cigarette and instead of saying good night leaned against the doorway.

    A Thousand Splendid Suns

  • They had left Mr. Madden in his tiny room, then said good night to Andie, who wanted to go check on her daughter Kazie, Kara-lee, and Katani.

    Beacon Street Girls: Ready! Set! Hawaii!

  • I thought to have sent this to-night, but it is ten, and I'll go to bed, and write on the other side to Parsivol to-morrow, and send it on Thursday; and so good night my dears, and love Presto, and be healthy, and Presto will be so too.

    Selected English Letters

  • I got a good night though, for I sent Mrs. Rhoda and her squalling baby to another house, and so slept quietly.

    Life of John Coleridge Patteson

  • I had to wait till everybody was bedded down, including C.J., who'd flounced into her bunk in a hide-nothing nightie and then leaned out to say good night to Ev and give him one last eyeful, before I could take a look at that log.

    Futures Imperfect

  • When I could stand it no longer, I went to Balfour and shook his hand and said ‘Good-night, Sir,’ and he said good night and took his supporters away with him.

    Castles of Steel


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