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  • n. Meat that has been slaughtered in the manner prescribed by the shari'a.
  • adj. Of or being meat slaughtered in the prescribed way: a halal butcher; a halal label.
  • adj. In accordance with or permitted under the shari'a.

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  • adj. fit to eat according to Muslim religious practice.

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  • n. (Islam) meat from animals that have been slaughtered in the prescribed way according to the shariah
  • adj. proper or legitimate
  • adj. conforming to dietary laws


Arabic ḥalāl, legally permissible, from ḥalla, to undo, free, be permissible; see ḥll in Semitic roots.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
From Arabic حلال (ẖalāl). (Wiktionary)


  • The term halal, which means "permissible" in Arabic, refers to anything that is allowed under Islam.

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  • This afternoon they will be having lunch, which consists of what they call a halal meal, which is a dietary neutral meal.

    CNN Transcript Jan 12, 2002

  • Opposite, Arabic script spells out the word "halal."

    NYT > Home Page

  • Country-to-country differences in halal methods and standards have created headaches for manufacturers for decades.

    Forbes: Meeting the Halal Test

  • The word halal - meaning "lawful" in Arabic - applies to food that has been prepared according to the prescriptions of the Koran.

    Taipei Times

  • Hence, the signage in Arabic, halal meats prepared according to Islamic law, and the head scarves by the register.

    Homepage | INFORUM | Fargo, ND

  • Once we got used to the word halal, no explanation became necessary for the giant KFC billboard which went up in Dearborn, Michigan, proudly stating below the beneficent smile of Colonel Sanders: "Now Serving Halal."

    The Reality Check

  • A preacher recently suggested the beverage might not be "halal" - or religiously approved - because its unusual provenance makes it unclean. - Local News

  • A preacher recently suggested the beverage might not be "halal" - or religiously approved - because its provenance makes it unclean.

    Latest Headlines - ABC 7 News

  • The worldwide market for Islamically permitted goods, called halal, has grown to more than half a billion dollars annually.

    US Muslims: a new consumer niche


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