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  • HEATRAN: go to the survival area in the battle zone and enter stark mountain. get through the mountain with "buck" and then leave. go back to buck's house in the survival area and speak to him. then go back to stark mountain and at the end you will see heatran - use ultra balls, not very difficult to catch.


  • NOTE: giratina, regigiga and heatran at lv. 70 uxie, mesprit, azelf and cresselia at lv. 50


  • Pokemon pearl whats the best pokeball to use on heatran or other legendarys?

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  • (forgot what his name was) well after he picks up the item in the back of the cave, u leave and go in the same place that he picked up the item and there u will find heatran! to catch it u need a pokemon that is a water type and has one or two levels lower than heatran. enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • (gains health when he's been poisoned instead of loosing it and has a sleep move that hits no matter what along with one of the highest attacks) machamp (his ability makes his moves always hit) and especially mew (learns so many moves its impossible to counter him) if you're battling with the best legendaries like mewtwo and lugia while guys like zapdos and heatran enjoy battling with the good regular guys.

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