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  • Of course, I’ve already read the Virginia Woolf story with a similar (though not - quite - as resplendent with crawling-skin heebies) narrative structure.

    The Yellow Wallpaper | Miette's Bedtime Story Podcast

  • I'm a gamer and Big-L literary works give me the heebies.

    Eric Nylund's Advice on How to Market Books to Video Game-Playing Readers

  • Even when other people take crazy chances, it gives me the heebies-jeebies.

    Me Me Me

  • I love to can, not afraid of yeast breads, can make a mean pie crust etc, but the thought of tackling this one gives me the heebies!

    chopped vegetable, watermelon and feta salad | smitten kitchen

  • If talk of f-stops gives you the heebies, using either a macro lens or a normal lens but zoomed in will give you a shallow depth of field.

    Friday Night Photos: Flowers Blooming in My Front Yard

  • I didnt get it right away, but there was something about these dados that gave me the heebies.

    Pendragon: Book Eight: The Pilgrims of Rayne

  • I'm studying this C. S. Lewis -- and frankly, this C. S. Lewis is giving me such heebies that I would not wish his ass on anyone -- and this is utterly the mindset of a certain sort of human that Lewis might be the archetype for: the person who distrusts human love, all human love, maybe even all human feeling.

    Archive 2006-03-01

  • I didn't make my first dress until I was three times L.'s age, and the idea of my little boy (who is twice L.'s age) being even NEAR my sewing machine (what with its sharp swiftly moving parts!) gives me the writhing heebies, so I don't know who impressed me more; L. for her accomplishment or Janet for her forbearance and patience!

    August 2006

  • “Yeah, that voice gives me the heebies, too,” Mary said softly, staring at the machine as if half expecting the caller to step right out of the recorder and threaten them all in person.

    The Part Time Wife

  • But now I know what to say next time my skydiving friend gives me the heebies over her near-death experiences.

    Enjoying the Passion


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