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  • Graceful in youth, and not without a certain weak and ineffective beautifulness, but can Truth in all her majesty be compelled to disclose herself thereby?

    Zoe: The History of Two Lives

  • She was indeed the proud daughter of a thousand jeddaks, every inch of her dear, precious little body; so small, so frail beside the towering warriors around her, but in her majesty dwarfing them into insignificance; she was the mightiest figure among them and I verily believe that they felt it.

    A Princess of Mars

  • Surrender from the proprietors of E. and W.N. Jersey of their pretended right of government to her majesty Q. Anne.

    Notes on the State of Virginia.

  • The whole Empire was in a Jubilee frenzy, with loyal addresses and fetes and junketings and school holidays and watertrough inaugurations and every sort of extravagance on the rates; the shops were packed with Jubilee mugs and plates and trumpery blazoned with Union Jacks and pictures of her majesty looking damned glum; there were Jubilee songs on the halls, and Jubilee marches for parades, and even Jubilee musical bustles that played "God Save the Queen" when the wearer sat down — I tried to get Elspeth to buy one, but she said it was disrespectful, and besides people might think it was her.

    Flashman and the Mountain of Light

  • Well, Mrs. Bethune drew herself up in all her majesty and said, "Young man, Mrs. Mary McLeod Bethune is not freight."

    Oral History Interview with Virginia Foster Durr, March 13, 14, 15, 1975. Interview G-0023-2. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007)


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