higher-dimensional love



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  • When we rediscover that connection and align our intentions with the harmonious universal intention, we will be supported by a marvelous influx of a higher-dimensional universal energy, which cannot be accessed otherwise.

    Masami Saionji: Guiding Our Inner Evolution

  • Instead, he was intrigued by a conjecture posed by the geometer Eugenio Calabi, who spoke of complex, higher-dimensional spaces with very special properties.

    Steve Nadis: The Hidden Universe's Geometry

  • Practitioners are dealing with ever-larger numbers of images (hundreds or thousands rather than dozens) and more complex, higher-dimensional information (vectors or tensors rather than scalar values, arranged in image volumes directly corresponding to the anatomy rather than flat images).

    Data Visualization In Medicine

  • Physicists and mathematicians who think about higher-dimensional spaces are, if they allow their interest to somehow become public knowledge, inevitably asked: “How can you visualize more than three dimensions of space?”

    Why Can’t We Visualize More Than Three Dimensions?

  • Maybe the universe is just a bubble in a higher-dimensional ueber-universe that has always existed.

    Again, there is absolutely no teleology involved

  • The brane is a distinguished sub-manifold (the skin) in the higher-dimensional space.

    Science and Unobservable Things

  • Ideas about higher-dimensional branes have re-invigorated model-building in more conventional particle physics.

    String Theory: Not Dead Yet

  • As is well known already in 1D, interesting lowest-energy representations of the diffeomorphism algebra are necessarily anomalous (Virasoro algebra), and the higher-dimensional case is not different (multi-dimensional Virasoro algebra).

    String Theory is Losing the Public Debate

  • Considering how few people use higher math in their lives, or even remember much of it from high school, the popularity of books on chaos theory and number theory and higher-dimensional geometry is, well, a paradox.

    Analyze These!

  • Those particles could ultimately give us even more information about the higher-dimensional world.

    Intelligent Design is Neither - The Panda's Thumb


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