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  • n. A device for making a noise, usually consisting of a large, open packing-box across the rosined edges of which a rough plank or rail is drawn like a huge bow.


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  • And if you should hear me serrynadin 'you with a horse-fiddle after a while, don't be scared.

    The Wrong Woman

  • The Performer nearest them was running a slow bass scale on a sort of two-stringed horse-fiddle of a strange shape.

    Average Jones

  • But now, 's'she,' I get to thinkin 'sometimes I wouldn't mind a horse-fiddle if some of 'em played it.'

    Friendship Village

  • "We've made a horse-fiddle before now, haven't we? that rope's got so much resin on it that it squeaks if you just look at it."

    The Rival Campers Ashore The Mystery of the Mill

  • Colonel Witham had heard the strains of Henry Burns's horse-fiddle.

    The Rival Campers Ashore The Mystery of the Mill

  • The concert given to Squire Woodbridge the night previous, had been an extemporized affair, with only one horse-fiddle, and insufficient support from other instruments.

    The Duke of Stockbridge

  • The allusion to the stopping of the horse-fiddle was Greek to Mrs. Edwards, to whose ears the story had never come.

    The Duke of Stockbridge

  • The benefit concert, planned in cooperation with the Colorado State University Mongolian Student Organi-zation, will feature traditional Mongolian folk dancing, a Mongolian contortionist and a performance by a horse-fiddle violinist. - Local News

  • "horse-fiddle" into the larynx of this bird -- but it is not ours to ask the reason why, simply to study her as she is.

    Birds of the Rockies


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