horseshoe-crab love


from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A merostome of the family Limulidæ, as Limulus polyphemus or L. moluccanus: so called from its shape. Also called horseshoe, horsefoot, horse-crab, horsefoot-crab, and king-crab. See Limulus.


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  • She had progressed only as far as the Trumps 'cottage when she spotted the largest horseshoe-crab shell she had ever seen smack in the middle of the broad strip of shells.


  • "She was under a horseshoe-crab shell," Daria said.


  • "And I kicked over a horseshoe-crab shell, and underneath was the baby."


  • "Under a horseshoe-crab shell!" her mother exclaimed.


  • Large, brown, orb-shaped horseshoe-crab shells dotted the beach, an eerie spectacle in the coppery light.


  • Orphu of Io left his hull-crèche and scuttled down the main cable, along the solenoid torus, and then out along the support cables like a horseshoe-crab Quasimodo, testing everything, tugging everything, scooting on reaction jets above the sail surface to check for cracks or seams or imperfections.


  • This horseshoe-crab I fling at your feet is of older lineage than your Adam, -- perhaps, indeed, you count your Adam as one of his descendants.

    Complete Project Gutenberg Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. Works

  • Prime time for horseshoe-crab spawning is around high tide, right before or after a full or new moon.


  • "Yes; a horseshoe-crab about a mile below here on the smooth sand, with

    Their Pilgrimage

  • "Yes; a horseshoe-crab about a mile below here on the smooth sand, with a long dotted trail behind him, a couple of girls in a pony-cart who nearly drove over me, and a tall young lady with a red parasol, accompanied by a big black-and-white dog, walking rapidly, close to the edge of the sea, towards the sunset.

    The Complete Project Gutenberg Writings of Charles Dudley Warner


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