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  • And you can bet studios will be hring outside consultants with no practical experience in film making or animation to "advise" them as to how to "solve the problem" or "manage change."

    In Need of a New Business Model

  • The Old English from which this passage is taken reads: -- ge swylce sēo here-pād, sīo æt hilde gebād ofer borda gebræc bite īrena, brosnað æfter beorne; ne mæg byrnan hring 2260 æfter wīg-fruman wīde fēran hæleðum be healfe.

    The Translations of Beowulf A Critical Bibliography

  • Ger. hnapf (Napf), and shows the inability of French to pronounce initial hn - without inserting a vowel: cf. harangue from Old High Ger. hring.

    The Romance of Names

  • Ringer is the Anglo-Saxon hring-gar (the mailed warrior).

    The Romance of Names

  • Þone hring hæfde Higelāc Gēata, nefa Swertinges, nȳhstan sīðe,


  • -- Comp. bān-hring. hringan, w. v., _to give forth a sound, to ring, to rattle_: pret. pl.


  • Grāp þā tōgēanes, gūð-rinc gefēng atolan clommum; nō þȳ ǣr in gescōd hālan līce: hring ūtan ymb-bearh,


  • -- Comp. bân-hring. hringan, w. v., _to give forth a sound, to ring, to rattle_: pret. pl.


  • Grâp þâ tôgeánes, gûð-rinc gefêng atolan clommum; nô þý ær in gescôd hâlan lîce: hring ûtan ymb-bearh,


  • Þone hring häfde Higelâc Geáta, nefa Swertinges, nýhstan sîðe,



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