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  • noun US, pejorative A Hungarian (or, more generally, eastern European) labourer.
  • noun US A person of Hungarian or Yugoslav extraction.


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Vernacular of Hungarian.


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  • Of course you wouldn't because to you and the rest of the Right-Wing Swifties that was just hunkey-dorey, right?! giniajim

    Barbour: Obama, Congress 'the most liberal' ever

  • Now Obama believes that it is just a sound bite and will go away and all will be hunkey-dorey again. vodka_lemon_lime

    Huckabee: 'Presumptuous' to assume Obama agrees with Wright

  • Nor is it anything but a narcissistic delusion to believe that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is all the result of a simple misunderstanding, and that once we get to the root cause of that misunderstanding and clearly, the 'root cause' has been US foreign policy then everything will be hunkey-dorey.

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • Icelandic banks have branches throughout Europe, and everything was going hunkey dory until last March, when the first rumblings of the current banking crisis were felt over there.

    Eric Lurio: Iceland Is Melting!

  • Are we supposed to take from this that slavery is just hunkey dorey?

    Those damned media atheists.

  • Are we supposed to take from this that slavery is just hunkey dorey?

    Those damned media atheists.

  • It would be "hunkey dorey" with me if you ignored the Bible and considered homosexuality acceptable and slavery unacceptable.

    Those damned media atheists.

  • Irreverent Ramblings if the Dirty Minded so, life in Dwench land is downright hunkey dory. if that is even how you spell that, (I highly doubt that it is)

    dragonwench Diary Entry

  • Samp would always lead the singing -- being just a mite more lubricated than the rest of us, and the girls thought he was all hunkey dorey -- as they used to say.

    In Our Town

  • No, it's much better in their minds to pretend everything fits neatly into one box or the other SOME things do, but MOST things don't, as any thinking person realizes and that if only everyone agreed always on all things, the world would be a hunkey dorey place for Jesus and Friends.

    Wired Top Stories


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