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  • noun A metallic or basic radical combined with one or more hydroxyl groups: as, potassium hydroxid, KOH; ethyl hydroxid, C2H5OH.


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  • The acidity is determined by weighing 20 grams of flour into a flask, adding 200 cubic centimeters of distilled water, shaking vigorously, and leaving the flour in contact with the water for an hour; 50 cubic centimeters of the filtered solution are then titrated with a tenth normal solution of potassium hydroxid.

    Human Foods and Their Nutritive Value

  • -- If a brown sediment is formed in water exposed to the air for some time, it is probably iron hydroxid.

    Human Foods and Their Nutritive Value

  • Cool, nearly neutralize with sodium hydroxid solution, and make up to 500 cc.

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  • Prepare solutions of sulphuric acid and sodium hydroxid of exactly

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  • Several processes employ an alkali, such as ammonium hydroxid, to free the caffein from the acid; or an acid, such as acetic, hydrochloric, or sulphurous, is used to form a more soluble salt of caffein.

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  • Treat a 10-gram sample with 10 grams of 10-percent ammonium hydroxid and 200 grams of chloroform in a glass-stoppered bottle and shake continuously by machine or hand for one-half hour.

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  • Wash the potassium hydroxid with 2 portions of chloroform of 10 cc. each, adding them to the flask together with the chloroform washings of the filter paper.

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  • Filter through linen, and wash with boiling water until the washings are no longer acid; rinse the substance back into the flask with 200 cc. of the boiling 1. 25-percent solution of sodium hydroxid free, or nearly so, of sodium carbonate; boil at once and continue boiling gently for thirty minutes in the same manner as directed above for the treatment with acid.

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  • "It may be well to keep in mind that when the druggist says potash he means potassium hydroxid, KOH, a compound of potassium, hydrogen, and oxygen, as the name indicates."

    The Story of the Soil; from the Basis of Absolute Science and Real Life,

  • a separatory funnel with 5 cc. of 1-percent potassium hydroxid solution.

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