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  • adj. Of or pertaining to philosophical hyperreality; perceivable as real by consciousness, though potentially unreal.
  • adj. Belonging to an extension of the real numbers containing only those that cannot be produced by repeatedly adding 1; hence infinite.
  • n. A hyperreal number.


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hyper- +‎ real


  • The hyperreal is a system of simulation simulating itself.


  • (2:37) China: "I think the kind of hyperreal, apparently-moralist (though often not) intense scrutiny of the everyday in the best crime fiction makes it amazingly powerful as a form."

    China's Chat is over, now take it and ruuuuuuuun! - Suvudu - Science Fiction and Fantasy Books, Movies, and Games

  • This ties back to some of the reference material we used for actual buildings in the game and gives the whole blog a kind of hyperreal quality that I love.

    Click Nothing

  • At once hyperreal and unnatural, Kim Keever's radiant vista "West 104k" 2009, also echoes sublime landscapes by Thomas Cole or J.M.W. Turner.

    A Small World After All

  • The thing is, in all these stories, by numerous authors of literary fiction, characters have this hyperreal awareness of their own misery, and comment upon it ...

    On Mimetic and Maieutic Fiction

  • Rather than representing the final fetid flowering of Florentine painting, Bronzino now seems like a mesmerising and hyperreal precursor to Caravaggio.

    Bronzino's Medici portraits – review

  • Because Lennon's continuum is comprised of spiraling texts of conflicted humanity and creativity, it demands that we work hard to remember what real even means anymore, which gets harder and harder as every hyperreal day passes.

    Scott Thill: John Lennon: Working Class Mythmaker

  • Replicating the world exactly had been Matton's passions, and his artistic journey began with painting hyperreal interiors that he eventually extrapolated into three-dimensions, creating rooms with walls exactly as he would have painted them on canvas, drawing cracks on the patina, filtering sun and shade on the furniture, miniaturizing the effects of light itself.

    Kisa Lala: Architect of Illusions: Charles Matton's Enclosures

  • In one, hyperreal sea creatures consume the body of a dead seal; in another, we zoom in past platelets and white blood cells to watch the entwining dance of some rather bling chains of DNA.

    Björk: Biophilia – review

  • The print on a precisely tailored dress lures you into the midst of a well-appointed, hyperreal space where gumball-pink Louis Quinze chairs flank a gilt console and a picture window that reveals a garden beyond.

    Interior Motives


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