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  • noun taxonomy, anthropology A sample from which the characters of a population are to be inferred.


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Coined in 1940 by George Gaylord Simpson, Types in Modern Taxonomy, published in American Journal of Science #238, p. 418.


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  • The Sterkfontein evidence P. aethiopicus would have priority, and the P. aethiopicus suggests that males and females of Au. africanus differed hypodigm would then include the fossils presently assigned substantially in body size, but probably not to the degree to Au.garhi. they did in Au. afarensis s.s. (see above).

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  • Omo Region, Ethiopia, 1967. 18.18, belongs to the same hypodigm as the mandibles that Type specimen: See above. appear to match the Au. garhi cranium, then P. aethiopicus Source (s) of the evidence: Shungura Formation, Omo would have priority as the name for the hypodigm presently region, Ethiopia; West Turkana, Kenya; Melema, Malawi. attributed to Au. garhi.

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  • Taxonomic note: The scope of the hypodigm of H. neander - Characteristics and inferred behaviour: The earliest evidence thalensis depends on how inclusively the taxon is defined. of anatomically modern human morphology in the fossil For some researchers the taxon is restricted to fossils from record comes from sites in Africa and the Near East.

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  • Researchers suggest joints were well suited to long-distance bipedal walking. that Neanderthals would have been unlikely to have made Taxonomic note: Researchers who see the African part of any contribution to the modern human gene pool and they this hypodigm as distinctive refer to it Homo rhodesiensis. estimate this amount of difference points to 550-690 kyr Others, who claim that the main European component of of separation.

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