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  • noun Plural form of ideophone.


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  • Under the spell of ideophones, Mark Dingemanse of The Ideophone shows how words convey meaning through their structure, particularly how certain words known as ideophones can evoke feelings and help to persuade.

    Neuroanthropology 2009

  • (what linguists call ideophones: bam!, bruggadung!, daddaie!, plax!, etc.), PRONUNCIATION, illustrating peculiarities of the local use of pitch and stress to differentiate between meanings of the same word (e.g., brother ` genetic relative, 'and bro-ther ` member of a religious sect,' etc.).

    VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol XX No 2 1991

  • 'ideophones' in Africa & the Americas; 'expressives' in Southeast Asia; 'mimetics' or

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  • Those ideophones have to be competently brought to life by the artist or else the whole endeavour is just a complete waste of time.

    Review: Dark Tower: Fall of Gilead #4 | Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News 2009

  • The lexical structure of the domain is flat there are no hyponyms or hypernyms among ideophones (Watson 2001) there is only synonymy and antonymy

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  • About 30 such word constellations in a corpus of 350+ Siwu ideophones (with on average 2 members) 71 out of 353 ideophones (about 20%) partake in this kind of phonestheme networks

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  • Ideophones and iconicity Three ways in which ideophones sign the world

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  • The language of the Mawu people of eastern Ghana has a large class of ideophones: marked iconic words that vividly evoke feelings.

    Recently Uploaded Slideshows markdi 2009

  • A tour of ideophones How Siwu speakers use vivid sensory language

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  • Gestalt iconicity (continued) Some examples of gestalt iconic mappings in Siwu ideophones ts ɔ̀kwɛ́tsɔ̀kwɛ́ 'sawing' irregular alternating vowel/tone tsiriri 'squirting', dzururu 'shivering' open-ended ABB reduplication gbadara-gbadara 'walk like a drunk', nyɛmɛrɛ-nyɛmɛrɛ 'wriggle (snake)' gadàm 'stamping' suuu 'burning sensation' mukumuku

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