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  • adj. Tending to create an illusion.


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illusionist +‎ -ic


  • It is a question that is particularly associated with the so-called "illusionistic" or "idealist" schools Madhyamika, Yogachara, Advaita Vedanta but it is also important for those "realist" schools that oppose them.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • But while the modernist movement may have dismissed realism as an "illusionistic" or a "mechanical enterprise," in The Objective Eye author John Hyman takes a radical new approach to the genre that explores these works as subjects of a much deeper aesthetic interest.

    The Chicago Blog: August 2006 Archives

  • But while the modernist movement may have dismissed realism as an "illusionistic" or a "mechanical enterprise," in

    The Chicago Blog

  • One seeks and temporarily sees indications of illusionistic space -- a horizon line, a column, the shadow of a tree -- only to find that it behaves instead the next moment as a collection of sinuous ribbons of paint bound to the surface.

    Bill Bush: I Shot Andy Warhol: This Artweek.LA (June 13-19)

  • Unlike Rivera's frescoes, Miró's vast works are private, not public; abstract, not illusionistic or narrative; and devoid of overt political content—something forbidden, in any event, to an internationally acclaimed artist working in Francisco Franco's Spain.

    Big Labor and Economy

  • Their compositions, activated by illusionistic plays of light and wet-on-wet brushwork, function as vessels for the movement of paint itself: for hue, viscosity, and the relationship between hand and medium.

    Bill Bush: The Tension Between Order And Chaos: This Artweek.LA (June 20-26)

  • Using canvases often imprinted with pattern and natural imagery, and utilizing such varied applications and techniques as paint spills, illusionistic detailing, prismatic color and floral motifs, Street has largely relinquished the paintbrush.

    Bill Bush: Too Many Openings, Too Little Time: This Artweek.LA (February 14-20)

  • Trained as both a designer and a painter, Braque was a master at trompe l'oeil —more adept than Picasso at creating decorative, illusionistic Cubist conundrums.

    A Modern Movement Unto Himself

  • Composed of intarsia, an illusionistic, two-dimensional woodwork technique developed in Florence, the studiolo is equal parts exploration of the newfound discipline of linear perspective and narrative on the life and humanistic values of its owner.

    Sanctity in Perspective

  • While all the works in the "Scarlatti K Series" read as paintings that turn traditional illusionistic pictorial space into real projection, their degree of spatial aggression differs greatly, resulting in considerably varied oblique and side views.

    Complementary Abstractionists


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