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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of imbed.


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  • The Negro got the idea imbedded in him during his servitude that religion and morality, like the Jews and Samaritans, had no dealings with each other.

    Twentieth Century Negro Literature Or, A Cyclopedia of Thought on the Vital Topics Relating to the American Negro

  • An East Indiaman was once attacked by a sword-fish with such prodigious force that its "snout" was driven completely through the bottom of the ship, which must have been destroyed by the leak had not the animal killed itself by the violence of its own exertions, and left its sword imbedded in the wood.

    Harper's Young People, February 3, 1880 An Illustrated Weekly

  • Snowball knew it was not: for the ex-sea-cook could have told of like experiences; and William was also satisfied of its truth, from having read the account of a similar incident, and heard that the evidences of it, -- that is, a piece of the solid wood of the ship's timbers, with the sword imbedded in it, -- were to be seen at any time in the British Museum.

    The Ocean Waifs A Story of Adventure on Land and Sea

  • Not only did the Pentagon co-opt the press with "imbedded" journalists who joined the mission and the perspective of the US military, but they censored and controlled the stories, making sure we did not see real images of the war and its cost.

    Rick Ayers: The Pentagon and the Banality of Evil

  • This "imbedded" piece, something we haven't seen much of since the original Iraqi invasion - showed some of our most experienced troops at their best, facing serious, daily peril and explaining the exasperating bureaucratic limitations imposed by the Pakistanis.

    60 Minutes Goes "Imbedded" in Afghanistan

  • Fifthly, because CNN passed on administration and pentagon propaganda through 'imbedded' reporters and journalists, as opposed to Turner's CNN in 1990 having had Peter Arnett reporting independently from Baghdad on civilian damage caused by the bombing while the Bush I administration was projecting an image of "smart bombs, surgical precision, little civilian life lost", and accusing Arnett and CNN of "unpatriotic journalism".

    CNN Sold Us the War. Now It Sells Us the Heartbreak with Unctuous Consoling, "Heroic! Brave!"

  • The World's largest military force, with all of it's computers, and depleted uranium are playing hide-and-go-seek with mad men fully up to the task, and our reporters are "imbedded" something like what a bug does to a paint job at sixty miles an hour.

    in what way do Mexicans "change" al otro lado?

  • The only thing I don't like about it is that the custom POI's are not "imbedded" into the factory POI's, so searching for them requires a few more "clicks", but no big deal.

    Epinions Recent Content for Home

  • Campers and a City on a Hill Press reporter who'd been "imbedded" with the camp for the last few days followed the deputies from sleeper to sleeper as each one was spotlighted, photographed, and warned that they were "violating the law".

    Indybay newswire

  • When you have this kind of imbedded mythology in this country, you can feed them anything.



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