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  • Regardless of a prominently-displayed notice above the inner door of the bar which forbade any form of gambling on the premises, he departed.

    The Dancing Druids

  • Adjoining the back of the house is a conservatory, the inner door of which leads to the drawing-room.

    A Murder of Quality

  • The students, led, Deborah could hear, by Laura Menzies and Kitty Trevelyan, were helping them off with hats and coats and ushering them through the inner door of the cloakroom for the purpose referred to by their teacher as ‘visiting the offices’.

    Laurels are Poison

  • We passed through a shadowy little entrance lobby and then through an inner door into a pleasant parlor with windows overlooking the courtyard on one side, and the tiltyard on the other.

    To Ruin a Queen

  • He came downstairs and opened the inner door leading from the kitchen into the workshop, intending to let out Gyp; but he stood still in the doorway, smitten with a sudden shock at the sight of

    Adam Bede

  • Fleda had forgotten it utterly, and deliciously enjoying the rest of mind and body, she was stretched upon the sofa, luxuriating over some volume from her remnant of a library; when the inner door was suddenly pushed open far enough to admit of the entrance of Miss Elster's head.


  • From the rooftop one could peer down inside and, if the inner door was ajar, into the single room that constituted the priv place itself.

    Trouble Magnet

  • The inner door opened and there stood, for all intents and purposes, Kerr Greenwood, the clean-cut student body president of Rosewell U.

    Isabel’s Bed


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