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  • n. In a pneumatic tire, the rubber liner that holds the air.
  • n. This rubber liner, used without the tire on water as a flotation aid.


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From inner + tube.


  • With such materials and a boundless enthusiasm for turning interminably stored junk into stuff you don't need, I present the bitchin 'innertube wallet to solve all your wallety needs.

    Boing Boing

  • Yeah, nobody could ever make that harrowing journey -- oh, except maybe a six-year-old with access to high-tech innertube technology.

    Take No Prisoners

  • There's a lot that rings true in the broad-brush parts Matt Tabbi's latest screed although I take exception to the most vicious bits, like the line about Palin “having the brains of an innertube.” Coming Soon to a Country Near You?

  • There are a number of other interesting contraptions in the gallery, several of which incorporate propellors in the style of a swamp airboat (the last one at the link uses a rotary lawnmower blade mounted on an inflated innertube!)

    Homemade Snowmobiles | Impact Lab

  • When his son was little, Bendl would pump air into the 6-foot high sphere made of canvas with a waterbed innertube and play in the park.

    Man Wheels Giant Globe Across America For Diabetes Awareness

  • Make a slingshot from a about a 3/4 forked limb, then go to tie place and geta thrown out old innertube.

    Bullets Do Odd Things at Different Ranges

  • Electricity pooled out of a floor plug like soft glowing air from a pressurized but leaking innertube and thenshimmered into nothingness right before my disbelieving eyes.

    Here is that thing.No one knows what it is

  • Does that last cake look like a chained-up innertube with eyes to you? cuz it does to me. *shivers* That's just plain creepy.

    Once in a Lifetime Wrecks

  • Wow, I got the mixer right but after that I guessed: a fish, an innertube with an oar and I had no idea what the last thing was lol

    World's Worst Pictionary Players

  • Other people cross the Pacific in an innertube or sail around the world on a surfboard.

    Forty Years and Counting: The Death of the High Frontier


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