from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. A cutting off, through, or asunder; interruption.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A cutting off; interception.


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  • The dastardly deed is: ... cutting away the child's dæmon by a process called intercision which is equivalent to disconnecting their souls from their bodies fifth indicator ...

    [black is white, white is black] a golden compass will get us back

  • The characters and audience learning about the parallel universes, intercision, and Dust shouldn't have been rushed through forced and corny dialogue.

    Archive 2007-12-01

  • The parallel universes, intercision, and Dust were supposed to be revelations.

    Archive 2007-12-01

  • Wherefore the very being of the church, as unto its internal form, depends on the Spirit in his dispensation of grace; which if you suppose an intercision of, the church must cease.


  • Yea, upon such a blasphemous imagination, that there could be an intercision for one moment of influences of spiritual life and grace from the person of


  • Of the groundlessness of their opinion who, granting final perseverance, do yet plead for the possibility of a final apostasy and an intercision of faith, no more need be spoken but what, upon the account last mentioned, hath been argued already.

    The Doctrine of the Saints��� Perseverance Explained and Confirmed

  • Through so many surrounding deaths is he kept, and still from time to time returned, and brought safe back again to us; whereas the continuation of such a thread by moments, hath so great a weight hanging upon it, that if there had been an intercision, as there might have been in a moment, it is inexpressible, yea inconceivable, what miseries might have come upon us.

    The Whole Works of the Rev. John Howe, M.A. with a Memoir of the Author. Vol. VI.

  • To fancy a suspension of these acts of grace (some whereof are eternal) upon conditionals, and they not intimated in the least in the text, nor consistent with the nature of the things themselves or the end intended, casting the accomplishment and bringing about of the designs of God, proposed as his for our consolation, upon the certain lubricity of the wills of men, and thereupon to propose an intercision of them as to their concatenation and dependence, that they should not have a certain influence on the one hand descending, nor an unchangeable dependence on the other ascending, may easily be made to appear to be so plain an opposition to the aim and design of the apostle as it is possibly capable of.

    The Doctrine of the Saints��� Perseverance Explained and Confirmed

  • The first serious attempt for the total intercision of the faith of true believers, though not a final excision of the faith of elect believers, was made by one in the other university, who, being a man of a debauched and vicious conversation (no small part of the growing evils of the days wherein he lived), did yet cry out against the doctrines of others as tending to looseness and profaneness, upon whose breasts and teachings was written “Holiness to the Lord” all their days.

    The Doctrine of the Saints��� Perseverance Explained and Confirmed

  • Perseverance in this sense being the uninterrupted continuance of habitual grace in the hearts of believers, without intercision, with such a walking in obedience as God, according to the tenor of the new covenant, will accept, upon the whole of the matter it is in its own nature (as every thing else is that hath not its being from itself) liable and obnoxious to alteration; and therefore must be built and reposed on that which is in itself immutable, that it may be rendered, on that supposition, immutable also.

    The Doctrine of the Saints��� Perseverance Explained and Confirmed


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