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  • adj. Nineteenth-century spelling of intervallic


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  • And though his musicological meanderings on intervalic relations in given melodies may prove somewhat tiresome to a general reader, most of the book is devoted to an admirable effort to understand the key shows in Gershwin ' s career and how the productions shaped him as a composer.

    Anything for a Song

  • Written for three male voices, it contains many common aspects of organa composition, including particularly the frequent and interweaving juxtaposition of intervalic consonance with extreme discord.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • In this division the intervalic skippings are difficult; but they were correctly interpreted.

    Music and Some Highly Musical People

  • His soulful melodies are surprising, his tone is appealingly gritty, and his intervalic leaps can be downright mind-blowing.

    Chicago Reader

  • The song Giant Steps didn't have a title before the recording session and the title came from the large intervalic steps in PC's bass line.

    MetaFilter Projects

  • So he booms commands to the augmentees over the sound of the intervalic gusts of wind to practice positioning. - Local News

  • Words that close on "- n", especially those in passages with large intervalic jumps, lack core, support, and often pitch (Oh, man - those "In funde" s in the Cozzolani were all over the place.

    Archive 2007-01-01

  • (groups of six notes) and triplets in difficult intervalic skips, and finishing with an intricate florid cadenza in seconds and thirds.

    Music and Some Highly Musical People


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