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  • v. Present participle of inveigle.


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  • But if you're going to pounce on Maya Angelou's malapropism without saying anything about the alleged proliferation of Bushisms, or Tony Snow's misuse of "inveigling", or Lawrence Henry's odd use of "slurry", or any of the rest of the daily parade of politically-relevant points of usage, people might get the idea that your linguistics is really politics.

    Succulent truculence.

  • When she paused by the door Hammer was holding open and, haloed by the sunshine outside, looked back at him, waiting, expectant, he hesitated — for one second toyed with the notion of inveigling her back upstairs … realized she wouldn’t immediately understand, that despite all they’d thus far shared, she didn’t yet truly comprehend the depth of his desire for her.

    The Ideal Bride

  • The Cat now spent his days tormenting the professor, inveigling him with affection and the occasional dead mouse that he'd caught outside in the yard.

    The Last Piece

  • Or he may have thought I was inveigling him into the commission of some desperate crime.


  • To her was due the inveigling of his mother into making a neighborhood call so that they could have the house to themselves.

    Chapter 3

  • He was thrusting my long sickness back upon me, inveigling me into again pursuing Truth and snatching her veils away from her, tricking me into looking reality stark in the face.

    Chapter 31

  • I testified craftily, and as a scientist, beginning with small beginnings, making an art of my exposition, step by step, by tiny steps, inveigling my senatorial auditors on into willingness and eagerness to listen to the next exposure, the whole fabric so woven that there was no natural halting place at which to drop a period or interpolate a query ... in this fashion, thus, I got my tale across.

    Chapter 20

  • Axel and I interfered as peacemakers, were roughed and jostled in the mix-ups, and finally, with infinite precaution and intoxicated cunning, succeeded in inveigling our chum down to the boat and in rowing him aboard our schooner.

    Chapter 16

  • And, in that dueling, perhaps, we will see another lofty, largely unrealized promise by President Obama, of "hope" or "change" inveigling young adults to the president's doorstep.

    Jessica Headley: Presidential Candidates Missing Common Sense Strategies With the Millenials

  • Apparently Moran was well known in gaming circles in Town, and made a practice of inveigling young idiots to play with him - that solved the mystery of why he'd been in Oscar Wilde's company; there was never any lack of rich and witless young gulls round Oscar.



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