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  • adj. fictional, made up, imaginary.
  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of invent.


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  • Advertising has never invented anything except what artists have invented� It appropriated the Beautiful which the cinema of the New Wave had rejected, which makes certain ignorant critics say that beautiful equals advertising.

    GreenCine Daily

  • A sense of shared generic or “Judeo-Christian,” a term invented in this period values began to emerge, and in institutional terms the ecumenical movement gathered steam.

    American Grace

  • What's worse is that the "war on terror," a term invented by George Bush, has been progressively turning into a "war on Islam," at least that is how it is perceived by the majority of Muslims, as confirmed by various polls.

    Maher Arar: The True Cost Of 9/11

  • These were the famous Roman latifundia, or wide fields, to use a term invented in the empire.

    The Spartacus War

  • The so-called Broad Front, a term invented by and sniffed at by many of the British hierarchy, was made to sound like a timid strategy, a compromise forced on Ike by pressure from the United States.

    General Ike

  • If you want to be fancy, you could call it "crowdsourcing" - a term invented by Jeff Howe in a 2006 Wired magazine article for the process of allocating tasks usually performed by individuals to a group of people, thus calling upon communal intelligence.

    Evening Standard - Home

  • "No, it's not populism, that's a term invented by the neoliberals to try to justify the policies of hunger and misery against the peoples of the earth," Chavez told Congress in an annual address that went on more than nine hours.

    Reuters: Top News

  • "Biophilia," a term invented by Edward O. Wilson, the greatest biologist of the 20 News

  • So here's the real problem: the core principle of "democracy" -- a word invented by Greeks -- is that an informed electorate makes choices about who will lead, presumably choosing those who will represent its best interests.

    Adam Levin: Mortgages, Greece & Obama's Budget: The Global Financial Literacy Crisis

  • Literature: a name invented by Jonathan Swift as a nickname for Esther Vanhomrigh.

    15,000 Baby Names


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