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  • adj. Without change in entropy; at constant entropy.

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  • adj. having a constant entropy

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  • adj. Having equal entropy.

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  • In physics, of equal entropy.
  • n. An isentropic line: usually in the plural, isentropics.

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  • adj. with unchanging entropy; at constant entropy


is(o)- + entrop(y) + -ic.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
From iso- +‎ entropic. (Wiktionary)


  • Some spontaneous macroscopic evolutions are reversible and isentropic, and an expanding radiation-dominated universe is one example.

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  • The only reasonable conclusion that respects the Second Law is that the expansion of a radiation-only universe is reversible and so isentropic in all phases.

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  • If you move the walls of a gas-filled box to expand its volume, and do it (arbitrarily) slowly enough that the gas remains (arbitrarily) close to equilibrium throughout, then the expansion is isentropic and reversible.

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  • If we restrict such a universe to contain _only_ radiation, then its expansion and re-contraction are basically reversible and isentropic (I argued this back in the “Latest Declamations About the Arrow of Time” post, and you more-or-less agreed; see comments #60, 61 and 67 in that thread).

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  • A technical process like an engine process involves losses. heat transfer and other irreversibilities and cannot therefore be described by the isentropic exponent g.

    3. Essential theory on internal combustion engines

  • The isentropic exponent g is a specific constant of a gas or a gas mixture and is defined as

    3. Essential theory on internal combustion engines

  • · Direct calculation of steam outlet conditions for isentropic, isenthalpic, constant internal energy or constant volume process

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  • Cv, also sometimes called the adiabatic index or the heat capacity ratio or the isentropic expansion factor

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  • The details are a bit hairier as they involve isentropic lifting this morning, an upper-level disturbance later today and finally the approach of a cold front this evening.


  • The working fluid is air, there is no friction, the compression and expansion are isentropic, the air temperature does not change during the heat addition and heat rejection, the air behaves as an ideal gas (i.e., pv = RT) and the specific heat is constant.

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