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  • n. A quantum number related to the number of charge states of a baryon or meson.

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  • n. A quantum number or symmetry related to the strong interaction.


iso(topic) + spin.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
iso- +‎ spin (Wiktionary)


  • Technically, these are referred to as isospin-1 / 2 bosons, but theoretically there is little difference between spin and isospin, "explains RIKEN's Akira Furusaki who, along with Konstantin Matveev from Argonne, built the theory to describe how such particles interact1.

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  • We can quantify them without significantly affecting the fermions and isospin quantum numbers.

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  • Are the x, y, and z axes only an isospin basis, or do they have actual directions in a physical frame?

    The Black Hole War

  • The other rules may be briefly mentioned here: the weak isospin rule, the strong (color) charge rule, the mass rule, the equivalence rule, the antiparticle rule, the helicity rule and the

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  • Furthermore, by the Spin Rule, the spin of the Higgs boson is 0; by the Electric Charge Rule, its electric charge is 0, by the Weak Isospin Rule, its weak isospin is 0; and by the Strong Charge Rule, its strong charge is neutral with Nc = 1.

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  • U (1) generator "Y" (hypercharge) and the third, z-rotation generator of the "isospin" SU (2):

    The Reference Frame


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