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  • ISRAEL/LEBANON/BORDER FIGHTING BREAKS OUT! fn report/dargire marzi arteshe israel va lebanon, monjar be koshteh shodane yek afsare israele va 3 sarbaz bebanon shod. - Photown News

  • Justin+Raimondo to "Israel Goes Rogue" israel is a racist apartheid military facist state that is perpetrating genocide against the indigenous people of palestine much like the nazis perpetrated against the jews, poles and slavs of europe.


  • ISRAEL HAS TO DEFENDwhat did you (amnesty int'l, human rights group, etc.) do when israel was under constatnt attacked by the terrorist group?


  • DOV GAVISH 27 HAMITNAHALIM RAMAT-HASHARON 47203 ISRAEL via israel bureau, or direct. News

  • People can click to "Support Israel" or click to "Sympathize with Gaza" - and for those with hotter tempers, they can "Sympathize with GAZA [...] and against israel and jewry" or join a page which literally lists them as a "fan" of Hamas.

    Boston Phoenix -

  • Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq. the late great state of Israel Drudgereport Jerusalem Christian jews Muslim Armageddon world war dome of the rock mosque Arab Iran Syria Israel Lebanon egypt middle east War Iraq Afghanistan breaking news the late great israel the late great state of - Photown News

  • IsraelNeverExisted screw all the parasites zionist, the most cancer in the wolrd! for all the free muslims in the world, ISRAEL does not exist and never existed;) death to israel and zionism. 1 hour ago


  • With any luck I hope to raise children that will add to this world rather than simply consume it. mother in israel Said,

    The World According To Mom | Her Bad Mother

  • If israel can have nukes so can the indigenous people. israel is the bloody aggressor and the bully.

    Think Progress » Rep. Gohmert introduces resolution endorsing an Israeli military strike on Iran.

  • As long as Netanyahu's immature pandering to the religious right in israel continues, so will the equally immature posturing of Hamas.

    Palin warns of 'Second Holocaust' if Iran gains nuclear weapons


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