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  • adj. Inexpensive, salt-free, one-pot, pure, natural food, as developed and eaten by Rastafarians.

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  • n. An abbreviation of Italian.
  • n. An abbreviation of italic or italics.


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From vital, by replacement of initial syllable by i-


  • If we acknowledge -a- not -u- in ital which is undoubtedly the demonstrative ita "that" declined with a genitive case ending -l then unless one wants to push an assumptive claim that there was phonetic or spelling variation within the same text, this little hypothesis is already a goner.

    Deictics on the Tabula Capuana

  • Religare Cap ital buys controlling stake in South African broker

    Deals India: Morning News Roundup

  • As an example, Taylor cited Brennan's assertion that the death penalty was unconstitutional, saying that Brennan knew the due process clauses of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments contemplated cap ital punishment but that Brennan preferred to elevate his own "moral convictions" over the choices made by elected representatives.

    Excerpts from 'Justice Brennan: Liberal Champion' by Seth Stern and Stephen Wermiel

  • The famous horses of San Marco were robbed from Constantinople's Hippodrome and mounted on the façade of the cathedral of Venice—which is itself a tribute to the Byzantine architecture of the dome, perfected six centuries earlier in the cap ital's great cathedral, the Hagia Sophia "Holy Wisdom".

    The Glories of Byzantium

  • Completing the virtueless circle, the WSJ -- owned by News Corp., natch -- noted that "Mr. Murdoch's biggest hit (ital mine) was in his bonus, which fell following the company's plunge in earnings and stock price amid the global financial crisis and economic downturn."

    Exec Bonuses/Newsroom Outsourcing a Virtueless Circle

  • The maker of dig ital-navigation products reported a 23% drop in first-quarter profit.

    Disney Sinks 3.4%; GE Follows Suit

  • Mr. Casale insists that all the elements of the campaign, from the focus groups to the existence of Mr. Scholl, who has worked for NBC Universal and dig ital music distributor the Orchard, are real.

    Devo: Sell Outs or Subversives?

  • I was like: [ital] Well, I got two of their autographs, I think I need all four. [endital] I was 9 years old, not a crazy teenager -- when we stopped at stations, there were teenagers jumping up and down, trying to look in the windows -- so I was able to get back there.

    More than 45 years later, screams still echo: Paul McCartney, Al Gore, Tommy Roe and more recall Beatles' first U.S. concert in D.C.

  • Before the president spoke, the wife of opposition candidate Vladimir Neklyayev described how unknown men had nabbed him Sunday from a hosp ital bed where he was recovering from a beating on the head during the demonstration.

    Belarus Leader RejectsOutcry After Election

  • Plus, Bharti has outlined $800 million in cap ital expenditure in Africa this fiscal year, out of which it has spent only about $100 million so far, Mr. Malhotra estimates.

    No Quick African Payoff for Bharti


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