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  • v. Present participle of jibe.


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  • In fore-and-aft rigged vessels, this maneuver is called jibing, and in square-rigged it’s called wearing.

    Music in The Night

  • Big corporations are said to have a culture and within them the casual talk is of the culture of the seventh floor not jibing with the culture of the fifth—A dose of managerial lubricant is needed to ease the grinding of the gears.

    Great Books Matter

  • I did not see what went on elsewhere, though I felt the sudden surge and heel of the schooner as the wind-pressures changed to the jibing of the fore - and main-sails.

    Chapter 17

  • I am so, so grateful to the beta readers and editors who wouldn't stop telling me something wasn't jibing, so that I didn't get away with trying to pretend it was okay when deep down I knew it wasn't.

    On rewriting ...

  • When Ice Pick goaded Raylan in an elevator earlier on by complimenting his Stetson, then jibing, "Not much call for cowboys these days," we knew he was a goner.

    Matt's TV Week in Review

  • People had, she told Piers Morgan, been making "snide comments", and "jibing" at her, and calling her names, all her life.

    Christina Patterson: Britain's Got Talent, and a Lot of It's Wasted

  • It was a busy night jibing in 30 knots of wind to avoid the constant stream of shipping, but all went well, and in the early hours of the morning I brought Pink Lady around to the south.

    True Spirit

  • After jibing us over, and once everything was under control again, I went back below and heard a strange electrical noise.

    True Spirit

  • Gonzales, please do not attempt to use my comments, which are intended to be entirely supportive (speaking from my own experience), to further your own despicable agenda of sneering and jibing at the writer of this blog.


  • I got in a more argumentative version of this discussion with a whole bunch of comics pundits following the conclusion of Final Crisis, when many were judging it a failure because of how poorly the main story ended up jibing with all the ancillary titles, both during AND before the event.

    BLACKEST NIGHT: Story vs. Event


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