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  • n. A musical style resembling the waltz, performed in Venezuela and Colombia.
  • n. A Venezuelan dance associated with this music.


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  • In between telephone calls and announcements of forthcoming government agricultural programs, folkloric music typical of the president's home state - called "joropo" - boomed over loudspeakers. Top Stories

  • The president's familiar growling baritone rolls over a traditional harp-led "joropo" backing in the song, which praises the exploits of Maisanta, a rebel fighter from whom Chavez claims to be descended.

    Radio New Zealand News Headlines

  • 'joropo' style were folk musicians, it didn't take a lot of sophistication to set the style off from the simpler folk forms.

    Mandolin Cafe News

  • After his speech, he grabbed a microphone and joined a Venezuelan joropo band in singing songs from the rural plains where he grew up. Chronicle

  • A seven-piece band led by harpist and composer Carlos Rojas creates the festive dance music joropo at 11: 30 a.m.

    The News Tribune - Tacoma - - HOMEPAGE

  • He plays a customized arpa llanero-an instrument traditionally used for Colombian joropo music, indigenous to the plains of Colombia and Venezuela-that's fitted with two pickups, one for the upper register and one for the lower, to help him articulate distinct simultaneous melody and bass lines.

    Chicago Reader

  • The compas of Haiti, the cumbia of Colombia, the joropo of Venezuela, the soca of Trinidad, even good old stateside funk -- it all goes in, and what comes out is like a flare of supernova-bright inspiration bursting from Conde's head, not a calculated combination or a formalist exercise.

    Chicago Reader

  • Venezuelans a second national anthem, Soul of the Plains is a typical joropo (national merry dance) with Spanish and African elements especially apparent in the percussion.

    Al-Ahram Weekly Online

  • This topic comes up so rarely (Venezuelan music and joropo), I'd be very remiss to not tell everyone to drop everything immediately, dust off your copies of Mike Marshalls 'Brasil (Duets),' and put on track 3.

    Mandolin Cafe News

  • It's a joropo, and Jackie Rago (a native Venezuelan who now lives in the Bay Area, and an amazing cuatrista!) plays cuatro with him.

    Mandolin Cafe News


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