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  • n. the second highest division in sumo wrestling, below makuuchi and above makushita; rikishi at this point receive a salary


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Japanese ten ryo - the original salary


  • While Asashoryu took the trophy in the makuuchi division (upper division), South Korean-born Kasugao defeated Mongolian-born Asasekiryu for the title in the juryo division (second division).

    Speaking of Mongol Invasions … « Far Outliers

  • This was the first time that foreign-born wrestlers had ever won both the makuuchi and juryo divisions in the same basho.

    Speaking of Mongol Invasions … « Far Outliers

  • Japanese sumo wrestling tournament cancelled over bout-fixing allegations Sumo bout-fixing is said to be most prevalent in the second-tier juryo division.

    The Guardian World News

  • Match-fixing appears to be most prevalent among wrestlers in the second-tier juryo division, for whom demotion means the loss of a significant portion of their salary and the perks associated with competing in the higher ranks.

    The Guardian World News

  • Kototamiya, adapted from his own surname, he adopted the name of Kotomitsuki upon reaching the juryo division in November 1999.


  • A total of 10 wrestlers in the top makuuchi and juryo divisions were suspended for the Nagoya meet and former ozeki Kotomitsuki was banned for life from the sport for gambling on baseball, allegedly a source of revenue for gangsters.

    Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

  • They are juryo, the lowest level of professional sumo wrestlers, so that's why the stands aren't full yet. - Articles related to Iran could halt 20% uranium enrichment if given fuel

  • Takanohana asked the board Sunday to give Kotomitsuki a second chance, saying, "He can start from the lowest rank of the juryo division," but was met with criticism, according to sumo officials.

    News On Japan

  • Appearing slightly dumbfounded after hearing the news of Roho, a top-tier division wrestler and his younger brother Hakurozan, who belongs to the second-tier juryo division, Gagloev said, '' I have never smoked marijuana with those two. ''

    Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

  • The previous record for a grappler born in Japan was the 240 kilograms by juryo wrestler Susanoumi.

    Japan Probe


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