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  • n. The twenty-second letter of the Arabic alphabet. ك
  • n. Alternative spelling of kaph.


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  • A glance at Sorais herself was enough to show that her mission was of no peaceful kind, for in place of her gold embroidered 'kaf' she wore a shining tunic formed of golden scales, and on her head a little golden helmet.

    Allan Quatermain

  • One, Nyleptha, was a woman of dazzling fairness; her right arm and breast bare, after the custom of her people, showed like snow even against her white and gold-embroidered 'kaf', or toga.

    Allan Quatermain

  • She was, as usual, dressed in her royal 'kaf', emblazoned with the emblem of the

    Allan Quatermain

  • Queens, and those whom the Queens cover with their "kaf" (mantle). '

    Allan Quatermain

  • In the same way the toga, or 'kaf', as they call it, was of different shades of colour, from pure white to the deepest brown, according to the rank of the wearer, and embroidered at the end in various ways.

    Allan Quatermain

  • There, high upon her golden throne, draped in her blazoned 'kaf' or robe of state, sat the fair Nyleptha, and when Sir Henry came in a little late, dressed in the full uniform of an officer of her guard and humbly bent himself before her, she merely acknowledged his salute with a careless nod and turned her head coldly aside.

    Allan Quatermain

  • (I wish you and I could get into Hafiz's wedding gift with our three portable kaf replicators and all and just go away somewhere quiet to do this,) she told Aari.


  • (Ironically, Qabala is actually more grammatically accurate, since the Hebrew letter qoof is "equivalent" to Q, whereas kaf is equivalent to K.)

    Jay Michaelson: An Introduction To Kabbalah Part 5: Choosing A Teacher

  • I'm no friend of Herod, but give credit where credit is due, he stood up to that Nabataean bitch ... kaf alef

    Evan Eisenberg: Mary Christ (Part 3)

  • It grows in the woods, or near water, he says, and looks rather like wild carrot. kaf gimel

    Evan Eisenberg: Mary Christ (Part 3)


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