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  • adj. Variant of kosher.


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  • To kasher and prepare the the birds, we had to soak them for half an hour, then cover them in salt for another hour, rinse them three times, and seal and pack them up for transport to the convention center.

    Sue Fishkoff: Killing, Blessing, And Eating Shabbat Dinner

  • I would think that other than the wool-linen thing, and reinforcing the corners for the tzit-tzit... the only thing you could also do prior to the bar mitzvah would be to imerse it in a mikveh and bless it as one would kasher any household item prior to use.

    A question for my Jewish friends.

  • Jews in other countries simply kasher — or "make kosher" — their everyday dishes for the holiday, usually by immersing them in boiling water (Stern quotes an Israeli friend who asked, "Who had four sets of dishes?").

    The Kosher Conversion

  • Most toaster ovens, for instance, cannot survive the scorching heat necessary to kasher them, as stoves and regular ovens can; buy a new one.

    The Kosher Conversion

  • Is that one should never, ever try to kasher a kitchen on the afternoon of Erev Shabbat.

    2006 January - Danya Ruttenberg

  • Thanks to this post that I wrote in JewSchool this morning, there is now a halakhic discussion starting up in the comments section about how, exactly, one might kasher a lightsaber for Pesach.

    how to kasher a lightsaber - Danya Ruttenberg

  • While most Israelis gain a few pounds during the week of Pesach as a result of eating too many matzes, matze balls/knaydeleh and so on, I normally lose a kilo or two, because I am not very fond of most of the things that are kasher lepesach.

    Dutchblog Israel

  • Israel's major kashrut agencies have stopped sending inspectors to Turkey, reportedly fearing for their safety, and manufacturers of foods that would normally have been marked "kasher lemehadrin" are not sending their products to Israel. headlines RSS

  • When I move into a new apartment or kasher my kitchen for Passover, I clean the oven and stove and then let each burner and then the oven stay heated on high for an hour to burn off any non-kosher remnants remaining from the previous tenant (or any non-Passover-approved remnants from the year).

    Mock, Paper, Scissors

  • In fact, it was from Eidlitz that I learned I hadn't needed to kasher my hot water urn at all.



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