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  • n. A stick with a rounded knob at the end.
  • n. One who refuses to join, or withdraws from, a trade union.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. One who refuses to join, or withdraws from, a trade union.
  • n. A stick, cane, or club terminating in a knob; esp., such a stick or club used as a weapon or missile; a knobkerrie.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A heavy stick or cane with a knob.
  • n. In England, a workman who refuses to join a trades-union or retires from it, and who works when the members of the union are on strike. Also knob, nob, blacknob, and blackleg. Equivalent to scab in the United States.
  • n. Also spelled nobstick.


From knob +‎ stick. (Wiktionary)


  • 'Now, Mr. Thornton, though "knobstick" has not a very pretty sound, is it not expressive?

    North and South

  • About 4 P.M. returned our second messenger, bearing with him a reproving message from the Gerad, for not visiting him without delay; in token of sincerity, he forwarded his baton, a knobstick about two feet long, painted in rings of

    First footsteps in East Africa

  • It is a knobstick about a cubit long, made of some hard wood: the head is rounded on the inside, and the outside is cut to an edge.

    First footsteps in East Africa

  • Acting on this hint the black devil held up the child, and was about to kill it with his knobstick.

    Allan's Wife

  • As it chanced, though this was not their intention, in the confusion a heavy blow from a knobstick struck him on the temple.

    The Ghost Kings

  • "I fun this knobstick nigh a gap i 'th' hedge on th 'Knoll Road," he said.

    That Lass o' Lowrie's: A Lancashire Story

  • Then he stoops to pick it up, and knobstick comes down on his head.

    Patience Wins War in the Works

  • "And they'll knobstick 'im for it if they know -- see if they don't!"

    Patience Wins War in the Works

  • Nowt like a knobstick, lad, whether it be a man or a bit o 'wood.

    Patience Wins War in the Works

  • He might hit at you wi 'his own fisty, but it's more'n likely as he'll do it wi' some one else's, or wi 'a clog or a knobstick.

    Patience Wins War in the Works


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