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  • n. a measure of the width of the band of frequencies of radiation emitted or absorbed in an atomic or molecular transition; a result of the uncertainty principle


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  • Note that this is not a pure absorbing sail, since the excited ions will re-emit the incident light in about 100 ns depends on linewidth.

    The Speculist: New Space Survey

  • The narrow linewidth and frequency stability of the NeoPhotonics NLW-TL are enabled by a phase-shifted DFB laser chip and proprietary packaging technology, and the laser assembly includes an integrated wavelength locker as well as electrical and firmware interfaces.

  • NeoPhotonics NLW-TLs are compact, widely-tunable and narrow linewidth assemblies with up to 35mW launch power in the C band and 20mW in the L band.

  • I only like to change the curves 'linewidth, and do not change axes' linewidth

  • What I would like is for styles to have a "ctb" mode where things would show in color, according to the linewidth they will plot at.

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  • Problems with varying linewidth, precision and control etc are things of the past.

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  • It is often useful to use some fraction of the available text/column/page width using e.g. 0. 85\textwidth or \linewidth.

    Netvouz - new bookmarks

  • ยท The default viewportwidth is the linewidth in inline mode and 0 in attached mode.

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • "However, it should be recognized that the eventual experimental limitation on the linewidth of the transition and also the uncertainty of the clock will depend on how narrow and stable the probe laser can be made." - latest science and technology news stories

  • Single-mode operation ensures low noise, narrow spectral linewidth and exceptionally high beam quality. all content


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