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  • House-wrens, willow thrushes, Brewer's blackbirds, and long-crested jays were also last seen at Graymont, which seemed to be a kind of territorial limit for a number of species.

    Birds of the Rockies

  • While he may be called a "blue" jay, having more of that color in his plumage than even the long-crested, he belongs to the

    Birds of the Rockies

  • The most abundant and conspicuous of these western forms are the long-crested jays, so called on account of the long tuft of black feathers adorning the occiput.

    Birds of the Rockies

  • The long-crested jays have a wide range among the mountains, breeding from the base of the foothills to the timber-line, although their nests are not commonly found below an altitude of seven thousand feet.

    Birds of the Rockies

  • In the same wooded hollow I took occasion to make some special notes on the quaint calls of the long-crested jays, a task that I had thus far deferred from time to time.

    Birds of the Rockies

  • Why do not the magpie and the long-crested jay come east?

    Birds of the Rockies

  • Far be it from me to blacken the reputation of any bird, but there is at least circumstantial evidence that the long-crested jay, like his eastern cousin, is a nest robber; for such birds as robins, tanagers, flycatchers, and vireos make war upon him whenever he comes within their breeding districts, and this would indicate that they are only too well aware of his predatory habits.

    Birds of the Rockies

  • "These show that long-crested water waves, i.e. groups of waves propagating in approximately the same direction, have an increased tendency to evoke extreme events," said


  • Dr Seneviratne told the BBC, "without the aid of the crest, naturally long-crested individuals had more head bumps than short-crested individuals." News Feed

  • a cluster of stunted pines, a long-crested jay lilted about and called petulantly, until I came near, when he swung across the caƱon, and I saw him no more.

    Birds of the Rockies


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