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  • n. A wise person with knowledge of history, genealogy and ancient poetry and possibly magic as well.


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From lore +‎ master.


  • In the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogion, Gwydion is a cryptically divine storyteller, loremaster; magician, and shape-changer.

    do you ever read writing?

  • She had beamed down to the cave mound with a Federation anthropological linguist and a Nasat loremaster to try to make enough sense of the pictographs to offer a narrative to the Council.


  • Several years ago, we worked with a loremaster to find any records that might be pertinent to our research.


  • He'd find out who knew the loremaster, and then go to that person and find out that he only knew somebody else who knew the powerful one, and so on and so on, like constables searching through the night for a fugitive who kept slipping away into alleys.

    Alvin Journeyman

  • The walls and gates had been built generations ago, beyond the memory of any loremaster or dusty history book.

    Conan The Hunter

  • A loremaster had once told Madesus that only nine demons of shadow existed, all of them serving one master: the Demon Lord Balberoth.

    Conan The Hunter

  • After all, what better help could a hero have than a loremaster?


  • Their richest and most ordered form was known as the Alphabet of Daeron, since in Elvish tradition it was said to have been devised by Daeron, the minstrel and loremaster of King Thingol of Doriath.

    The Lord of the Rings

  • I suppose that to the extent that I ever thought about the sort of person you were, the impression I had was "genial Marvel loremaster and veteran Marvel staffer."

    Comic Book Resources

  • I was finishing up loremaster of Northrend last night, and I swear every time I needed to loot a quest item I had to scour my inventory for something to destroy first.


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