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  • That does seem to imply to me that the lower-dimensional universe is the “real” one. to clarify « Manifest Density says:

    Matthew Yglesias » Is The Universe a Hologram? Should We Care?

  • There is a “landscape” of many possible lower-dimensional vacua, just like in string theory.

    Making Extra Dimensions Disappear

  • For each value that the charge can take, a slightly different lower-dimensional universe will be produced, and if there are different types of gauge fields, then universes with different numbers of dimensions will be produced as well.

    Making Extra Dimensions Disappear

  • A fourth source of concern relates to the intuition, implicit in Aristotle's definition, that boundaries are lower-dimensional entities, i.e., have at least one dimension fewer than the entities they bound.


  • Most realist theories about boundaries, construed as lower-dimensional entities, share the view that such entities are ontological parasites.


  • Arguably, this conceptual tension between boundaries understood as lower-dimensional entities and boundaries understood as thin layers reflects an irreducible ambiguity in ordinary speech (Stroll 1979, 1988).


  • Realist theories may differ significantly, however, with regard to how such dependent, lower-dimensional entities relate to the extended entities they bound (Varzi 1997).


  • The boundary may belong both to A and to B, but the relevant overlap is sui generis precisely insofar as it involves lower-dimensional parts.


  • Each boundary element, then, can be viewed as an equivalence class of converging abstractive classes, and one can reconstruct ordinary talk about lower-dimensional boundaries as talk about such higher-order entities.


  • The upshot is you're left with a sort of giddy paranoia: I kept on obsessively shifting into 3-D, convinced there was always something I wasn't seeing from my mundane, lower-dimensional perspective.

    Dimension-Bending Games Stretch Fabric of Space and Time


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