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  • n. macaques; rhesus monkeys


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  • GREENFIELD: Virginia Senator George Allen says he had no idea that the term macaca, that he aimed at a volunteer working for his rival, is a common racial slur in parts of North Africa, homeland of the senator's mother.

    CNN Transcript Aug 23, 2006

  • George Allen is again saying that he regrets using the term "macaca" to refer to a Democratic campaign volunteer of Indian ancestry in 2006.

    The Seattle Times

  • Now the word 'macaca' is synonymous with not only Sen. Allen's failed re-election bid, but with the power of online video in politics.

    Ramya Raghavan: Lessons for Politicians From YouTube's Viral Stars (or, What Candidates Can Learn From the Old Spice Guy)

  • Senator Allen apologized for making a mistake -- who doesn't make a mistake -- but he really didn't make a mistake in the first place: it was the liberal media that made up with the story that "macaca" is a racial slur in North Africa; in Viriginia, it means "bubba."

    August 2006

  • Siddarth, a fourth-year University of Virginia student, was video taping the event and Webb's campaign posted it on the Internet, quickly transforming Allen's use of the word macaca, a long-tailed Asian monkey, into an 800-pound gorilla.

    Al Eisele: Sen. George Allen: Losing is like macaca

  • In some European cultures, macaca is also considered a racial slur against African immigrants, according to several Web sites that track ethnic slurs.

    August 2006

  • Of course, the 2006 elections have given the word macaca a familiar nonscientific connotation in the United States.


  • Do you believe that, that he just made up the word macaca out of nowhere?

    "The sad fate of George Allen's A-list advisers."

  • In an interview with "The Washington Post," Allen apologized, saying he didn't know what the word macaca meant, and that he would -- quote -- "never want to demean Sidarth."

    CNN Transcript Aug 15, 2006

  • Today, the blogs are discussing this heavily, everything from what the word macaca means, to what Senator Allen meant, to the haircut of this young individual here, Sidarth, whose video is now the -- one of the top 10 on YouTube today -- Wolf.

    CNN Transcript Aug 15, 2006


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