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  • But to the matter; I have eaten a dog's tongue and dare speak truth: He had a foul mouth, was all babble; a very make-bate, not a man.

    The Satyricon of Petronius Arbiter

  • There is not among them all one curmudgeon or make-bate or meddler or spoil-sport; each has his own dance that he dances and his own couplets that he repeats, and the best of them is that they are like thy servant, knowing not abundance of talk nor meddlesomeness.

    The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night, Volume I

  • Angus answered somewhat sulkily, that ` ` he was no make-bate, or stirrer up of quarrels; he would rather be a peacemaker.

    A Legend of Montrose

  • Now then thou hast the sword; but I lay this upon thee therewith, that thou be no brawler nor make-bate, and that thou draw not Boardcleaver in any false quarrel, or in behalf of any tyrant or evil-doer, or else shall thy luck fail thee despite the blade that lieth hidden there.

    The Sundering Flood

  • Write to my brother the King to restore your lands, and -- and I suppose you would have this recreant fellow's given back since you say he has seen the error of following that make-bate Queen.

    Grisly Grisell

  • It is my prayer that his young son may do the like, and that my Lord of York be not fretted out of his peaceful loyalty by the Somerset "outrecuidance", and above all that my own son be not the make-bate; but Richard is proud and fiery, and I fear -- I greatly fear, what may be in store for us. '

    Two Penniless Princesses

  • Trying to set you against me, the spiteful old make-bate, and no one knows how long she will be here, falling on the poor lads if they do but sing a song in the hall after supper, as if she were a very Muggletonian herself.

    Under the Storm

  • Be no make-bate between your Parents and their Servants; tell not a lye in any cafĂ©, nor mince it into a plausible excuse to save you from the hand of correction.

    The Gentlewoman's Companion: or,%0AA Guide to the Female Sex


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