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  • n. A fanciful life form that is part human and part beast; a creature recognizable as human but possessing physical or primitive behavioral characteristics that are exclusive to animals.
  • n. A person compared to such a creature, especially an unkempt and uncivilized, or strong and sexually aggressive man.


Blend of man and animal (Wiktionary)


  • I'll never part with and I'll probably have to reincarnate as a "manimal" for it if i'm not one already.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • Whipping up fear of the 'manimal' will be the standard spin against proponents of cloning.

    With apologies to vampire bats

  • It's technically a trail and bikes are allowed, but unless you're the kind of manimal that can climb 1,000 feet in one mile on rocky, loose dirt, it's really more of a long hike with intermittent terrifying downhill coasting thrown in.

    Up in Alaska

  • Maryland Jockey Club Kegasus is described as "part champion Thoroughbred, part infield fan, and all party manimal."

    Heyward Has Blast on Opening Day

  • Kegasus, described as "part champion Thoroughbred, part infield fan, and all party manimal," will appear at events to promote the race.

    Heyward Has Blast on Opening Day

  • We didn't have anyone correctly identify last weeks animal/mammal/manimal/bug, and truth be told, I can't tell you what the hell the creature was because I lost the bookmark.

    What The Hell Am I?

  • James Carville, manimal, married to unbelievable monstrous Neocon Harpy who sits on Dick Cheney's lap?

    Clinton: My Dad Taught Me How To Shoot

  • Personally, I welcome our soon-to-be manimal overlords, and remind them that I always keep a few cans of dog food in the kitchen pantry, top shelf, in the back.

    through with buzz

  • Because of that dynamic - wayward manimal out front singing, level-headed partner off to one side writing the songs and playing guitar - it's easy to see why comparisons with Oasis are so often drawn.

    Evening Standard - Home

  • In one passage, he wrote: "I'm just a manimal, twisted and confused, very dysfunctional." - News


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