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  • n. The characteristic of being a man; maleness; masculinity; manliness; manhood.
  • n. position of honor or respect; dignity, worthiness
  • n. honor shown to a person; homage, respect; courtesy
  • n. manly spirit or conduct; courage, valor, gallantry; chivalry
  • n. human condition

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  • n. Manhood; courage.


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From Middle English manship ("position of honor; respect; courtesy; manly spirit or conduct; humanity; human condition"), from Old English manscipe ("humanity, courtesy"), equivalent to man +‎ -ship. Cognate with Dutch manschap ("homage, manred, crew"), German Mannschaft ("team, crew, squad, force"), Swedish manskap ("rank, crew").


  • This gallant gentleman called me hither, on a trial, as I conceive, of courage; I can give my unqualified testimony in his galantry and sword manship; and as I trust he will say nothing to the shame of my manhood, I think our strife has lasted long enough for the purpose which gave rise to it.”

    Anne of Geierstein

  • I doubt Fiorina climbed to the summit of the Hewlett Packard chair (wo) manship without expecting a certain amount of respect and decorum from her colleagues, both male and female.

    Alec Baldwin: A Few Words About Barbara Boxer

  • There was none of the spurring and back-reining that some native bloods of India mistake for horse-manship.

    In The Time Of Light

  • She argues women are now "constantly playing oneups (wo) manship for who can win the most votes in a neverending popularity contest": a contest in which The Bitch loses.

    Vanessa Richmond: Bitches Are Back. But Here's What's Wrong With the New Model

  • But nooooooooo, instead we have our so called leaders playing on up manship games and the general public more interested in sticking to the fat cats who deserve to be strung up.

    Does McCain now wish he'd taken the Obama-style low-profile approach to the bailout?

  • You don ` t know who to pick sides because it just seems like these girls are like the masters at one up - manship or one up-womanship, you know, whatever you want to say.

    CNN Transcript Mar 24, 2008

  • Stephen Potter's own description of his career before writing his - manship books runs: "Failed academic lecturer, failed novelist, failed literary biographer, reasonable compiler [of anthologies], reasonable educational pamphleteer, failed editor, failed book critic, failed rowing blue ..."

    The Success of Failure

  • Mecca, and for his proved integrity and camel-manship was made post-carrier between Mecca and Jidda.

    Seven Pillars of Wisdom

  • Here we have an enviable marriage of team-manship, management and ownership that bodes well for bringing the necessary skills for the production of winning teams.

    The Future of Basketball in Toronto

  • "Clearly the cloak of leadership and states - manship fits easily on your shoulders."

    ANC Daily News Briefing


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