from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. Either of two North American shrubs (Spiraea alba or S. latifolia) having umbel-shaped clusters of white flowers.
  • n. Any of various perennial herbs of the genus Filipendula in the rose family.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

  • n. A Eurasian perennial flowering plant of Rosaceae family, Filipendula ulmaria.
  • n. A common name for the genus Spiraea of the Rosaceae family, native to the temperate Northern Hemisphere and consisting of about 80-100 species of shrubs.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. The name of several plants of the genus Spiræa, especially the white- or pink-flowered Spiræa salicifolia, a low European and American shrub, and the herbaceous Spiræa Ulmaria, which has fragrant white flowers in compound cymes.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Any plant of the genus Spiræa, primarily S. Ulmaria of the Old World; in the United States more especially S. salicifolia.


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  • One sense may bring dreams and echoes of another – you can see green water-shadows when the scent of meadowsweet is in the air, and hear remembered music when a certain light is on the hills.

    The Spring of Joy: A Little Book of Healing

  • - also called meadowsweet does well in the shade and offers tons of color choices although mostly in the red, pink, lavender family. eMail (will not be published) (required)


  • But if you have a space to grow, why not begin in the garden, in conceiving original dried blends: meadowsweet, verbena, bergamot, gardenia, tuberose, thyme, honeysuckle, sage and violet.

    A New Whiff on Potpourri

  • Wet-kneed, we walked by pastures filled with the white froth of meadowsweet and river-bank flora of lady's bedstraw, betony, devil's bit scabious, greater burnet and eyebright, kneeling several times to store memories of the scent of the last of the fragrant orchids.

    Country diary: Forest-in-Teesdale

  • I knew that meadowsweet contained coumarin, but it's rather late in the season for this plant.

    How to make żubrówka

  • Having completed my experiments I must say that, despite my misgivings, meadowsweet came out on top, tasting remarkably like Susanne's brew.

    How to make żubrówka

  • I suggest filling the jar loosely one half full of dried plant, perhaps less for the more potent meadowsweet.

    How to make żubrówka

  • The wonderful smell of lady's bedstraw not as sickly as meadowsweet becomes stronger with drying.

    How to make żubrówka

  • Good spirits ... a glass of John Wright's homemade meadowsweet grass vodka, mixed with juice from apples in his garden.

    How to make żubrówka

  • Heavy doses of nitrogen fertiliser will tip the competitive balance in favour of grasses, and soon purple wood crane's bill, blood-red greater burnet, frothy white pignut and meadowsweet, yellow lady's bedstraw, globe flower and blue speedwells will vanish, leaving an "improved" pasture – more productive, more profitable, but oh-so dull.

    Make hay meadow photos while the sun shines | Phil Gates


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