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  • Australia has refurbished Nauru's courthouse, provided a new Director of Schools, begun rebuilding local schools and provided vital medical equipment to Nauru's hospital.

    Media Release:Extra Food Assistance for Nauru

  • A kerosene lamp stood on the table at the other, its deep, sherry-colored light edging with ruddy gold the litter of what McCoy recognized as ancient, barbaric surgical and medical equipment that lay around it.


  • The problem was that this ship had no medical equipment set for Klingon physiology, and what would have required a simple fifteen-minute treatment in Bashir’s infirmary on DS9 had become a weeklong ordeal of daily bandage-changings and the constant threat of infection.


  • Neither clinical nor utilitarian, however, was the motif Benson had adopted for the decoration of the one bulkhead in his surgery completely free from surgical or medical equipment of any kind -- a series of film stills in color featuring every cartoon character I'd ever seen, from Popeye to Pinnochio, with, as a two-foot-square centerpiece, an immaculately cravatted Yogi Bear industriously sawing off from the top of a wooden sign post the first word of a legend that read: "Don't feed the bears."

    Ice Station Zebra

  • It is very easy, however, to fake the symptoms, especially with the substandard medical equipment in Dolahn’s hospital.

    Miracle Workers

  • They were simple, grouped in the same standard Cardassianlogic patterns as the medical equipment in his Infirmary.



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