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  • n. The undifferentiated plant tissue from which new cells are formed, as that at the tip of a stem or root.

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  • n. The plant tissue composed of totipotent cells that allows plant growth.

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  • n. A tissue of growing cells, or cells capable of further division.

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  • n. Actively dividing cell-tissue; the unformed and growing cell-tissues found at the ends of young stems, leaves, and roots.

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  • n. undifferentiated tissue from which new cells are formed, as at the tip of a stem or root


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Greek meristos, divided (from merizein, to divide, from meris, division; see (s)mer-2 in Indo-European roots) + -em (as in xylem and phloem).

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From the Ancient Greek μεριστός (meristos, "divided"). First used German in 1858, by Karl Wilhelm von Nägeli (1817-1891) in his Beiträge zur Wissenschaftlichen Botanik.


  • The most important observation made from our experimental data is that the meristem is a highly plastic tissue, which undergoes substantial changes in domain organization and cell behavior in response to environmental and developmental cues.

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • Telah diobservasi pada meristem tomat, expanding tissues, ripening fruit.

    Hubungan Antara Dinding Sel dan Pemasakan Buah – Netsains.Com

  • Large differences exist, for example, in the rate at which tundra plants can respond to changes in weather and climate, due to differences in allocation to stems versus leaves or to secondary chemistry versus new growth [32], in the ability to add new meristems [33], and in the constraints on the amount of growth that can be achieved by a single meristem within a single year (i.e., determinate versus indeterminate growth).

    Effects of changes in climate and UV radiation levels on function of arctic ecosystems in the short and long term

  • "Yes, but the key to understanding and manipulating plant form lies in unraveling the communication machinery that enables shoot apical meristem cells to continuously coordinate the processes of stem-cell proliferation and organ primordia initiation."

    Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

  • Mercury program merger meridian meristem meritocracy

    Entry Index: menopause to Nation, Carry

  • Mendel, Gregor meristem metabolism metamorphosis microorganisms missing link mitochondrion mitochondrial Eve mitosis molecular biology mollusks

    21. Life Sciences

  • If the pest can find no host 'it never develops a growing shoot (apical meristem), it never becomes photosynthetic, and it dies.

    Chapter 23

  • Wood is a tissue which is formed under the bark of the trunk by the meristem, the cambium.

    1. Wood

  • The superiority of the technique is warranted by the fact that perfectly healthy clones could be produced by the technique of meristem culture.

    1. Household gardening projects in asia: past experience and future directions

  • Apart from slight leaf mottling, these viruses appear to be symptomless, but laboratory experiments using virus-free material prepared by meristem culture suggest that growth and yield are considerably retarded by their presence-which is the general state of the crop as at present cultivated.

    Chapter 34


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