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  • n. The detailed structure of any organ etc. at a very small scale
  • n. The architecture of the data processing parts of a microcomputer


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micro- +‎ architecture


  • The chips with the new innards, known as a microarchitecture, are due to be launched in the second half of this year.

    Intel's Other Shoe DropsHow Low Can Intel Go?

  • The new chips will be part of the Westmere microarchitecture, which is a shrink of Intel's existing Nehalem microarchitecture.

    PC World

  • The analyst believes that Intel's new 65nm "microarchitecture" falls a bit short of AMD's 90nm offerings.

    Intel's Bad News May Just Be The Beginning, Says Analyst

  • What's more, Microsoft's ARM license isn't a conventional one, which involves the right to use microprocessor cores that ARM's already developed, but rather a more costly "microarchitecture" license that lets Microsoft develop its own processor cores based on ARM's technology.

    Fool.com Headlines

  • Ruth Slavid calls tiny buildings "microarchitecture" and in her new (and tiny, 7. 75-by-8 inches) book, "Micro: Very Small Buildings" (Laurence King, 224 pages,

    Fore, right!

  • Intel has made official its newest line of CPUs, called "second-generation Core microarchitecture" and code-named "Sandy Bridge."

    CES 2011: PCs with Intel's 'Sandy Bridge' CPUs

  • Thornhill had originally postulated that Intel would have a competitive advantage relative to AMD after the launch of its new microarchitecture in mid-2006.

    AMD To Continue Gaining Share From Intel

  • This microarchitecture includes larger on-die caches.

    Intel launches Pentium 4

  • It will be the first new microarchitecture for the company since 2001, and Intel will spend the majority of next week's engineering conference talking about these chips.

    Intel's Other Shoe DropsHow Low Can Intel Go?

  • Otellini said Intel's plans to launch new processors based on the Intel Core microarchitecture in the third quarter would give Intel "performance leadership across the server, desktop an mobile segements" and would drive growth in the second half of 2006.

    Disappointing Intel Earnings


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