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  • Middle: midsummer.

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  • Denoting the middle part
  • Occupying a middle position
  • amid
  • during, in the middle of doing something


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Middle English, from mid, middle; see mid1.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

See mid.


  • Eventually, though, the national sentiment moved from grudging acceptance of other faiths to a way station of tacit approval to an outright embrace of religious differences as ecumenism took hold in the mid- to late twentieth century.

    American Grace

  • Figure 11.6 shows this clearly, again using data from the General Social Survey which has used the same measure of abortion attitudes since 1972.33 As before, even when accounting for the same array of demographic controls, we see that abortion became strongly associated with party identification in the mid- to late 1980s, precisely the time at which the God gap—the link between church attendance and partisanship—also appeared.

    American Grace

  • The Hub Studios, E9, SatSam RichardsIn the mid- to late-90s Birmingham was the UK's techno centre and Atomic Jam, at the Q Club, one of the biggest and best techno clubs.

    Clubs picks of the week

  • From the mid-1960s to the mid-'90s, the company came up with countless new technologies which were immensely expensive to research, develop, manufacture and market.

    David Julian Price: The Making of MiniDisc

  • Some analysts see the stock falling to the mid-$60s in the next year.

    Under Armour Shareholders May Not Be Well Protected

  • MR: Speaking of Ian & Sylvia, I remember Cashman & West produced Ian & Sylvia's song "Four Strong Winds" with Jim Dawson in the mid-'70s and it was really breathtaking, just incredible.

    Mike Ragogna: Codes, Keys, Snarks and Everlasting Love: Chatting with Death Cab For Cutie's Ben Gibbard, Mac Gayden and Mike Batt

  • The name the London Souls, by the way, is a tribute to the power groups like Cream, the Hendrix band, the Who and Zeppelin that were based in the British capital, as well as a nod toward Mr. St. Hilaire's father, who was in a band with the same name in the mid-'60s.

    New Power Trio Muscles Through

  • Nevertheless, The Time are considered worthy successors to their funkadelic forebears and remain synonymous with the very Sound of Minneapolis: that infectious hybrid of funk, rock, pop, soul and New Wave that, according to the Rolling Stone Album Guide, "...loomed over mid-'80s R&B and pop, not to mention the next two decades' worth of electro, house, and techno."

    Cedric Perrier: Back To The Future: "The Time" Reunites for New Album as "The Original 7ven"

  • The notion that investors are a proxy for the public stems from two great periods of financial reform: the New Deal in the '30s, when the Securities and Exchange Commission was set up expressly to make markets safe for investors, and the mid-'70s deregulation of Wall Street, which liberated brokerage commissions and saw the passage of Erisa.

    Robert Teitelman: Starkman on the Decline of Business Journalism

  • Since June, the NATO coalition has killed, wounded or detained 5,200 suspected militants in eastern Afghanistan and eliminated 500 mid- to low-level insurgent leaders, said Maj.

    U.S. expects Afghan Taliban will launch spring campaign to regain lost ground


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